7 Simple Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

Use Pinterest

Although many businesses struggle to use social media to their benefit, the ones that effectively harness it make huge gains in at least awareness and retention, if not also revenue. With Pinterest being the latest large social media tool, there is again an opportunity for you to gain ground in social media before your competitors learn how to use it.

To best ways to use Pinterest for your business are:

  • Offer Important Information -You can be a source of helpful information to prospective customers who are researching on the Internet. Pinterest is the best of both worlds, because you can use it share advice while spreading the word about your business, all at the same time. Pin data that can solve a common problem and people will want to follow your boards, and share or repin your pins, making your Pinterest viral in a good way.
  • Register Your Business Properly -Register a Pinterest account using the same email address you input on other social network registration forms. Include your business name as your username, so that people will easily remember and recognize you. Post new content or a comment in multiple social networking sites. Add your business website link to every pin to increase website traffic. Most visitors prefer to click on a presented link rather than having to search around for your website.

Register your business

  • Consider Contests-The best way to make your website popular is to run frequent contests. Websites generally give small prizes, while others give high priced items, such as iPads. Require entrants to share the link to the contest in order to enter. The more friends a contestant brings in, the higher the chances of winning.
  • Showcase Your Personality-Funny or interesting pins get more attention than boring pins. People often follow others who have interesting things to share. Topics that interest you are a good source of material, because there will surely be users who have the same interest. Having a profile photo can also help you gain followers.

Showcase your personality

  • Follow Big Names on Pinterest-Just because you follow a celebrity or big brand doesn’t mean that they will pay attention to you, but interacting with their content can expose you to their audiences and potentially draw people to your account and then your website.
  • Pin Daily-Pin regularly to establish an online presence. Most people prefer to see something fresh and interesting. They are hungry for updates and gossips. So maintain your Pinterest account and post regularly to attract new followers.
  • Take Your Time -Making a new account on Pinterest does not automatically give you thousands of friends. You have to devote time to adding and retaining your Pinterest friends. Relationships do not happen overnight so you have to invest in time for them to grow.

The best thing about Pinterest is that it is new and exciting, gaining the attention of many Internet users by taking advantage of the concept that people like to look at images rather then read large blocks of text. Once you create an account and start pinning, you’ll find adding and maintaining your Pinterest boards to be quite addictive and lots of fun. Imagine taking such an enjoyable activity and being able to increase your sales with it; it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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